An Ethiopian Odyssey

Front row, from left to right:

Bisrat Getahun, deceased, was Azeb Fesseha’s sister in law
Maza Daniel, found via tadias, Jan 05, lives in Atlanta NJ
Sergut Teklemariam, found March 07, working for the UN.
Zewditu Isak
Etenesh Tsige, found Jan 05, via tadias, lives in Richmond, VA,. Brother included in book
Tsion Gad, may be living in California, or Addis?
Luladay Mesfin, lives in Portland, Oregon
Annette Allen
Kathy Miller, believed to be in US. Publicity so far hasn’t revealed anything
Desta Teklehaimanot, found via, Jan 05, lives in USA

Second row:

Letemedhin (Dican) Ucbaledet, found June 07, St. Paul’s Minnesota
Celina Fernandes, believed to be living in Goa
Silva Derentz, found June 04. Her biography in the book.
Sumitra Goyal, believed to have returned to India
Phoebe Khalil, Egyptian; found Jan 05; lives near Chicago
Fanaye Saifou found,May 04, lives in Cologne, Germany. Her biography in book.
Sara Kebre?
Jember Yirgu, deceased

Third row:

Salome Yilma, found Jan 05 via Azeb Fesseha, lives in New York
Azeb Fesseha, found Jan 05 - lives in New York. Her story in book
Hiruth Girma, deceased. Found via President Girma Wolde-Giorgis.. Her story in book.
Mary Sakadjian, (now Nalbandian) Armenian, found June 04 via Mary Asfaw Wossen, still lives in Addis
Last 3 on right hand side:
Debrework Tefera
Belyou Girma need confirmation of these names.

Last row:

Hasnig Savadjian, Armenian, found July 04, lives in Cairo
Shake Derentz, Armenian, found, July 04, lives in Canada
Elizabeth Hapte Mariam, believed to be in Addis
Azeb Zere Yohannis, believed to be in Addis
Marta Asrat found March 04, in Addis. Gave me classmates’ full names. Now deceased.
Our teacher?
Tdenekealesh Gebre Meskel, believed to live in Addis.

Other names provided by Marta are:

Berekti Haile
Nada Hayeck
Kebre Ketema

Finally, missing from the photo, but included in the book:

Mary Asfaw Wossen, daughter of Crown Prince Asfaw Wossen found Jan 04. Story in book.